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Welcome to Kujo Technologies

A company like no other

We are a company that is like no other. We specialize in server hosting, game hosting, and gaming. We have a community of individuals with a wide range of experience from 3D modeling to computer programming. Come join us as a member or a contributor. We are always looking for new members of any experience level.

Wide Range of Services

Dedicated Servers

We currently have 3 dedicated servers running Windows 2019 Server which are used for a wide range of uses. We host Arma 3 gaming servers, Farming Simulator 2022 servers, as well as Teamspeak 3 voice servers.


Come join us on our Teamspeak server. It is the common place for all those playing on our game servers.


Our discord communities offer both gaming and technology focused groups. We have two separate discords, one focused on gaming and the other focused on all technology related topics. Come join the one that fits you best or join both!


We offer programming services as well as cyber security consulting to individuals and businesses of any size. We also offer computer parts as well as other electronics. Check out our shop and find something you like.

We are looking for experienced modders and cyber security experts. Are you the one?

Server Hosting

5 Years hosting experience Linux Windows Gaming Servers

Programming Langages


Games We Play

Minecraft Farming Simulator 2022 Space Engineers Eco And many more

"Striving to form a community of technologically minded individuals all working towards the goal of a safer internet and gaming."
Brian K

Supporting First Responders

As part of the services we offer, we also sell emergency lighting for first responders. Check out our products and see what we carry.

Feniex Brand Lighting

We carry Feniex branded emergency lighting, one of the best brands in the United States. These lights offer many options and customizations.

High End Controllers

Feniex controllers are top of the line and highly technical. They offer amazing customization options and allow you to set up your lights however you see fit.

Emergency Sirens

Feniex brand sirens come with over 20 siren tones and offer over 100 decibels of sound.